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One thing I’ve learned when creating side projects is to keep momentum going. With the energy of a new idea it’s so important to minimize hurdles and just....keep....going....

The first version should go out asap, and then iterate from there.

Design - my Achilles heel

A big blocker of the momentum is often finding the correct layout and design. Luckily I like to keep things simple and Ryan Kulp showed the ropes in his 24 hour MVP course (affiliate link). In this course he shows the framework to use to get your project live. An eyeopener for me was to start with the layout and use that to fill in your details.

With that the popular Tailwind CSS framework provides a guide rail and a lot of components to get you started. But even with that, I still find it hard to get started. So I’ve searched for a few boilerplates that help me to get started.

Tailwind Boilerplates

These are my goto sources for Tailwind CSS boilerplates, templates and components. Inspiration that's ready to go.

Tailwind UI





Do you have more sources for Tailwind CSS boilerplates? Please share them with me on Twitter or LinkedIn

updated 2023-11-12: added DaisyUI

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