Hurdles trying out new stuff

I was trying out Kamal to deploy multiple small side project Rails apps to one server. The premise is great, everything under your own control and when it's set up, it should work pretty flawless.

Unfortunately each app needs a separate Docker registry entry and I was not looking forward to upgrade to a Docker subscription. Other solutions could have been to use a Github or Gitlan container registry, maybe even AWS or Google Cloud Artifact Registry.

Fancy solution - serverless registry

Nice to have the Cloudflare team develop this solution, running on their own platform as a Cloudflare Worker and using R2 as storage (instead of for instance AWS S3). For the source, see and install from:

Big plus is, it's free for my current amount of usage! 🙌

Quick fix

Setting this up was seamless, directly into my Cloudflare account. The only adjustment I had to make to get the wrangler command working, since it wasn't installed globally, was to run it as npx wrangler ....

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